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The Word Unspoken



The Word Unspoken pairs the music of William Byrd with works by Philippe de Monte, whose secret gift to Byrd of a setting of Psalm 136 moved Byrd to repay de Monte with a gift of his own setting of the same psalm. It is available from Signum Classics.

Gallicantus are perfectly placed here to compare the works of William Byrd and Philippe de Monte. 

The Independent

The singing is beyond exemplary: deeply felt, tenderly phrased, perfectly balanced, with the most profound understanding, seemingly bred in the bone. 

Choir & Organ

The intensity of the music is reflected in Gallicantus’s beautifully shaped performances. 

The Sunday Times


The ensemble's view is delivered with such intelligence and rhetorical persuasiveness that the cumulative weight of Byrd, in particular, is well-nigh symphonic in effect. 


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