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Orlandus Lassus announced himself to the musical world, and found notoriety for his intense and dark chromaticism, with his Prophetiae Sibyllarum (Sibylline Prophecies) - here combined with new works by Princeton professors Dan Trueman and Dmitri Tymoczko. It is available from Signum Classics.

★★★★★ The extraordinary Gallicantus sing with micrometrical precise articulation and flawless pitching. 

Choir and Organ

This CD is evidence of an intimate understanding of this challenging music and is as fine an account of the score as has been committed to CD to date. 

Early Music Review

...this warrants a top recommendation...


What a wonderful idea for a CD! As well as being wonderful singers, Gallicantus are fast establishing themselves as one of the smartest programmers in the classical music world, let alone in the world of Renaissance music...

The six singers sing with such impeccable blend and euphonious unanimity that it left me marvelling at the organic beauty of the sound.

MusicWeb International

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