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Gallicantus   |   Gabriel Crouch, director

Programme  |   The Feasts of Christmas

This program charts the progression of events which began with Gabriel’s miraculous Advent visit to a carpenter’s house in Nazareth, through to the presentation of the infant Jesus in the Temple at Candlemas. Each staging post of the story (Advent, Nativity, Holy Innocents, Epiphany, and Candlemas) is set to music by one of the great masters of the English musical Renaissance, spanning a period from the composition of the Eton Choirbook (Walter Lambe) through to the dying embers of this Golden Age of English music, in the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth’s death (George Kirbye), and the program is bookended, appropriately, by the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis.


St. Joseph Chapel
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

tickets coming soon

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